About little ol' me:

Hey! I'm Charles, a British makeup artist, living in Paris for the past six and a half years, and in the beauty biz for the past fourteen years. 


Being a makeup artist has really taught me a lot about myself. It taught me to be more grounded and accept myself for who I am. I was once yearning to be the biggest, the best, the most popular and to be seen to be busy. In 2009 I had a reality check when I joined 'Look Good Feel Better', a charity in the UK that sends beauticians and makeup artist into local hospitals to teach women going through cancer treatment how to apply makeup to hide the effects of treatment, and to make them feel more confident. 


After writing a down to earth newspaper column about the reality of the beauty industry and how you can use makeup to feel confident, rather than to change your appearance, I took to London to manage businesses for Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. 


After feeling dissatisfied with corporate life, I was desperate to get out of the big smoke and to go it alone with my own ideas and my own philosophy. 


In 2011 I quit everything, packed my bags and took the train to Paris, I spent the first nine months cleaning apartments and sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the suburbs of Paris. I worked all hours of the night in front of my laptop, making connections and contacting people. 


My work ethic and pride in making people feel good about themselves fitted right into the Paris scene, and before I knew it things were flying. 


I'm still the same way today, I pride myself in giving good customer service to my clients, helping them see their own natural beauty, and making them feel great for their special occasion in Paris. I've now also added hairstyling services after studying at the London Hair Academy. I'm really excited to have expanded my skills and to be able to offer this extra service to my clients.


Want to know about my favourite things to do in Paris? Check out my favourite addresses here!

Things I do:

  • I like to exaggerate numbers, for example: "It took me seven million years to get served in Starbucks today." Something rather wholesome about doing that... no?... Just me then.


  • I talk to Willow (my cat) about serious business stuff when she sits next to my computer and I pretend we have global board meetings, whilst we drink tea and eat speculoos biscuits. Doesn't every meeting just need that romance of alimentation?


  • I enjoy going to Marks & Spencer's, because when I go I feel like I'm 'in the club' and, well, just because I'm British really...


  • If I get lost and walk the wrong way I pull out my phone and pretend somebody has texted me whilst making gestures of irritation, and then storm off in the other direction.  


  • I lie when I say that I've been doing yoga when I've actually just sat on the sofa eating 100g of chocolate and drinking wine.


  • Never having taken up knitting is one of my life's biggest regrets...


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