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Twelve years in makeup. Ten years of

Charles Gillman Cosmetics.

Join us for a look back over the past decade:

England, 2007.

St. Miles Alley, Norwich.

At the age of eighteen I moved to Norwich, a historical city teaming with young art students. It was here that I started out as a young makeup artist, working for different brands. 

Although it was a new adventure, it wasn't an easy start. I couldn't make the rent on my studio flat and I was suddenly thrown into an industry which unveiled all of my insecurities. 

It was in this ground floor flat in the middle that I practised makeup on my childhood friend, Samantha, and where I started to think about what makeup could do for people.

Early days.

The column & Look Good, Feel Better.

In the early days I was always told I was too young, that I should be patient and that I should calm down with the growing ambitions that I had burning away inside.

One night I'd had one too many drinks at a party and got chatting to a lady, whom I decided to offload my angers about the beauty world to. She turned out to be the lifestyle editor of the local newspaper and I landed myself a weekly column, talking about makeup tips and my life's adventures.

I later went on to work for the charity; 'Look Good Feel Better', where I taught women in hospital how to apply makeup to mask the effects of chemotherapy.

Paris, 2011.

The dream to fit in.

After having worked in London for a few years, I was exhausted and not feeling good about myself. I tried to fit in, but I was feeling even worse about the way I looked, despite the hard work I was putting into self-acceptance.


After a one week holiday alone in Paris, I decided to up-sticks and move to France to submerse myself in the unknown. If I was completely lost, maybe I would be able to find myself again. 


I dreamed of working in a café and living the life of Amelie Poulin, but after meeting a photographer called Rémi, I was soon a makeup artist in Paris.

The Evolution.

From strength to strength.

The time soon passed and after sleeping on a blow-up-mattress in the suburbs of Paris for nine months, I could move, as freelancing was beginning to pay off.

After working many very early mornings and meeting lots of great and talented people, things were going well enough that I was lucky to venture into creating my own products for my clients.


My inner evolution was doing well too. I started to respect myself and my personal time more and I began to really start asking myself some open and honest questions.  

Today & 

the journey.

Twelve years on in makeup, ten years of 

natural beauty.

Today I celebrate the same message as a Paris makeup artist, Feeling comfortable in your own skin and using makeup as a tool (if you want) to feel confident and ready for anything.

I tried to be somebody I wasn't for a long time, not to be a diva, but to try to impress others. That's something I don't try to do now. Impressing others is a recipe for disaster.

Be one hundred percent you, and you'll see who sticks around.