Will you come to my location, or do you have a studio that I can come to?

I work as a freelance hair & makeup artist, therefore I will come to your location for services (Hotel/Apartment/ Studio/etc.).


What do I need to do to prepare before the hair & makeup session?

Generally, my clients travel from overseas where air conditioning and a change in climate can change your skin’s condition. Make sure you exfoliate your skin the night before your event, drink lots of water during the month leading up to our consultation and keep skin well moisturised to avoid dry patches on the skin that foundation could stick too. Make sure your hair is clean and dried before our appointment (unless we’re doing a blowout).


Is there anything I need to prepare before you arrive at my location?

Please make sure that you send over your address, including door codes, buzzer names and floor details. Many shoots happen before daylight hours and can be tricky with regards to lighting, so make sure we have a comfortable area for hair & makeup with the best lighting provided.


Are false eyelashes and hair accessories included?

False eyelashes are included in the price for yourself and your guests (for wedding packages). Hair accessories aren’t included, however, please feel free to bring your preferred accessory with you for me to add this into your hairstyle.


How do we plan the makeup look?

My aim is to make my clients as comfortable and satisfied as possible, so it's important to make sure that we're on the same page before the day of your event. Please feel free to send over a photo of yourself, as well as a few makeup inspiration photos pulled from the internet of people that have a similar face shape, hair length and thickness to you, so we can customise the look to your features. You can also send over photos of the outfits that you'll be wearing so that we can also tie this in with your look.


Does the price include travel?

Travel is included if you're located in Paris and if your package outside of Paris states that travel is included. For Paris, please check that your postcode starts with 75, as all postcodes beginning with this number are within the city of Paris. Locations outside of Paris will vary in price depending on the distance and the method of transport that will need to be taken.


Which payment methods do you accept? Do you also require a deposit?

The initial deposit to secure the date for your services will be processed via Paypal. You will receive a Paypal invoice for 50% of the total price to reserve the date and time which will be deducted from the remaining balance. You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to submit your payment, simply click the second option 'pay with card’.


Payment for the final balance is due on the day of services, where you can pay by card or by cash. Cheques are no longer accepted as a valid tender as of 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions