Bridal Beauty - The Essential Tips.

One of the most memorable days of your life is approaching and there's a lot to get organised, but what about you? Are you taking good care of yourself during this busy time? As you ride across the ocean where the waves of opinions stop for nobody, it's important to take a moment for yourself to really think about how you can pamper yourself in preparation for your wedding day.

Today, I've decided to share my tips and experiences on how to get yourself feeling and looking good leading up to the big day. Put the phone on silent, because the next twenty minutes are all about you... wine is also welcome if you do so wish.

Finding a makeup artist:

It's good to search for a makeup artist once you've got the date confirmed and the venue booked. Most artists start booking for the wedding season during the autumn the year before, so it's good to get in there within good time to make sure you get the one you want locked down for your wedding date.

Take to your friend Google and have a browse of a few artists work that you like. Send them an email with as much information as you can, such as; the date, the location, the number of guests that will require makeup and at least a rough idea of the style that you may be looking for. Send pictures of yourself and a few inspiration photos too, this way they'll be able to give you the most accurate quote and it will save you too much back and forth.

Feeling is everything, not only are you looking at their ability to do makeup, but you're asking somebody to join you on an important family occasion and they'll probably be there with a stock of tissues when emotional moments come around (mum always has some kind of speech). All this to say that you should get a good vibe from the response and see if it's someone you'll feel relaxed with.

Do a trial:

Remember that a trial is not a test, it's a consultation and an opportunity to get communication down to a T to find the best possible look for you. Your artist will be perfectly capable in carrying out your look if you've built a good communication so far, but it's always good for you to have peace of mind so that you can relax on your wedding day. Your trial should start with a consultation to recap on what you've discussed so far in order for you to be on the same page, listen to suggestions that could work well for the look that you're trying to create, to suit your features and play around with ideas! Makeup is creative and fun and it can soon be altered.

Think about your diet:

Everyone wants to look amazing on their wedding day and look great in photos! And this is where some dietary boot camp may have to come in. Makeup needs a good base to sit on, and plump, hydrated, smooth skin is the perfect place for that.

If there's any dryness or dehydration, then the makeup can become textured and sit on the skin giving a 'makeupy look' even when using moisturising formulas. Your artist will be able to improve the look through using the correct skincare and foundation formula, but it will never look quite as good as when applied to well-kept skin.

Think of healthy fats and omega 3, so things like olives, avocados and oily fish are all great for the skin and healthy clear eyes. Keep away from processed foods or foods that are cooked in fats and try to eat clean. Try oatmeal in the mornings to increase your fibre intake and replace sugar with berries... sounds pretty sweet, right? Who knew there was so much to makeup application?

Water is your new best friend... it's true!

"Hi water, thanks for looking after me up to my wedding day", the words you'll be saying as you lunge for a champagne on the morning of.

It cannot be stressed enough that hydration is the key to great skin. You should be drinking up to six to eight glasses per day to keep hydrated, but I can hear you through the computer saying; "but it's so boring and tasteless", well, let's zest it up a bit, shall we?

If you're at home, the best thing to do is keep a jug in the fridge and add-in some slices of lemon, lime, or cucumber to give your water a light flavour. I've also seen that they make on-the)go water bottles where you can add in some kind of fruit too! Nifty!

Keeping hydrated will ensure that skin stays supple and plump and it will also ensure that you're flushing any toxins. They also say that keeping hydrated helps with dark circles and puffiness. I know you love your Starbucks, but try to limit caffeinated drinks that dehydrate you.


Get yourself into a good routine of cleasing and moisturising twice per day, taking your makeup off beforehand (you'll be surprised, a lot of people don't!). It's not the best idea to change skincare routines shortly before the wedding day, so try to find what best suits your skin and use it religiously leading up to the event.

Combine this with the above tips and you should be positively glowing. Of course, things like breakouts due to hormones cannot be controlled, so you will need to rely on your artist for the magic of concealer for that.

Don't forget to exfoliate. Removing dead skin cells is essential for radiant and smooth skin for makeup to glide over. And dry patches will be a haven for makeup to stick to and look uneven. Try to exfoliate once a week and the night before the morning of wedding preparations. However, if you are breaking out, it may be a good idea to ease of on the exfoliating as you'll end up spreading bacteria around the skin and making the skin more sensitive and prone to blemishes.


I know this is easier said than done but the day passes fast and you have to enjoy every second of it. If things aren't completely rolling by the time the day comes, then you've just gotta roll with it. Surround yourself with friends that make you laugh and talk about the good old days, remember, this is your day!

Treat yourself to a nice spa day. You seriously deserve it after all that planning. It's important for you to have a little you-moment before the wedding day arrives to keep yourself grounded and remember that this day is about you and your other half. You can check out some of my favourite addresses here.

Set a schedule with your artist:

Ensure that you have a good amount of time to get into your dress and make your way over to the location of your ceremony. If you also have other guests who need makeup application, ask them how long it takes per person and come up with a schedule together, allowing a bit of a time buffer (there's always a bridesmaid who goes off for a wander and ends up lost in Chanel).

I would recommend having an hour to get into your dress and make finishing touches so you have peace of mind.

Et voila:

Before you know it, the planning time has passed and the last button has been done-up on your dress. Go forth and have a fabulous day, eat those French pastries that you've been dying to get into your field of vision and dance the night away.

I hope you've found some of these tips useful and please feel free to comment below if I've forgotten to include something.

Have a wonderful wedding day and enjoy every moment!

Charles xox

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