Makeup For Mature Skin.

Whether you grow older gracefully of disgracefully, we all want to feel good and comfortable in ourselves, no matter how young or old we are. Age is but a number and it's exciting to think about the fact that we always have to learn new things, our tastes change and so does out outlook on life... I mean, it's only natural, life experience leads us down all kinds of different paths and we finish up another chapter through the maze of life maybe a little bit more comfortable in ourselves, a little more sure of what we're not willing to accept in life, and maybe even your life goals have changed a fair bit from one decade to the next... I know mine have.

I was the person who was dying to get to the finish line in everything I did. I used to work all the hours under the sun to get the next promotion. I was the person who wore pink sunglasses, paired with corduroy trousers when I was sixteen and I thought I was extremely cool... how did I ever think that? It's needless to say that this look would not suit me now and I would probably be forever single if I kept on at it!

All this to say that I already know that the same things that suited me fifteen years ago, do not suit me now. My tastes have changed in many ways; now I wear nothing but black (that'll be Paris' fault) and I like staying at home with the cat and experimenting in the kitchen -- all in between sewing stuffed mice. It's a rapid change, so we can expect me to living by candle-light and polishing the brass in the next ten years.

It's the same for clothing and makeup - we have to give things a bit of an update as we ourselves change. Now, I'm not going to talk about clothes, because you'll end up looking like Dracula with glasses and a scarf due to my laziness in that subject... what can I say, it's just something I really don't care about anymore. (That one is on my hall of fame of my 'I don't cares' achievements... especailly after living in London). However, makeup has been in my life for the past twelve years so I feel like I can share (hopefully) some knowledge with you on this!

Here's one of my favourite client stories. This lady's daughter surprised her with me to do her makeup for her vow renewal... I hope it was a nice surprise. Anyway, this lovely lady from Denmark got married in Paris twenty years ago and decided to come back with family and friends, get back in the dress and recreate their magical day. We were no longer in the 80's, so we went for a modern and glowy look so she felt pretty for pictures.


It would be wrong to say that all women after a certain age have dry skin, it's just not true... but a large proportion will tend to range from the normal to dry side, so getting yourself organised by drinking plenty of water and setting yourself up with a good, simple and inexpensive skincare routine is the first port of call.

I love doing makeup for my more life experienced clients, especially when you see the joy of a women who looks natural, youthful and glowing with simple makeup. Achieving plump and glowing skin is the best and easiest way to get the most youthful and fresh look. Toss those contouring pallets aside, they shall do you no justice here.


I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but those expensive anti-aging moisturisers are really not worth the investment, after all, you can't expect too much from a cream to make physical changes. I have no qualms with a little indulgence, but buy something because it feels nice on the skin and the essential oils (if any in it) give you a little moment of calm before a busy day, not because of a one-liner promise that the sales consultant slurred for the twentieth time that day. Choose a product that really hydrates and is adapted to your skin type.

Are some of the anti-aging formulas scientifically proven to work? Yes, but with very minimal results. That extra money should be spent on a coffee date for a good laugh and a catch up with a friend, they're called laughter lines for a reason, embrace them because they say a lot about your story.

I'm going to share one of my all time favourite... ok, two of my all time favourite moisturisers with you for dry skin that will give you that plumped glow.

First up is Bobbi Brown's Extra Moisturising Balm. Now, Bobbi might not be your first thought when it comes to skincare, but she seriously knows how to make things smell amazing and give your skin an intense moisture boost!

I remember the waft of Ylang Ylang when I used to open the pot, and how it would glide onto the skin, giving a dewy finish and a great base for makeup application.

You can choose with or without SPF 25, but considering that sun is the worst contributor to aging skin, you should be protecting your skin on a daily basis, even on cloudy days!

Extra Moisture Balm


Number two is Aesop's Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream. If you're a fan of things that have a bit of a herbal smell to them, then this rich cream could be just for you with Frankincense inside.

This little pot is packed with ingredients and a little goes a long way. Again, it gives you a great base to apply makeup if you're prone to dry or dehydrated skin. You could even use it as a treatment a few times a week, just to give your skin a bit of a boost!

Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream



Choose something that is lightweight and easy to apply, nobody has loads of time for strict routines. If you want something quick that you can use with your hands, try a tinted moisturiser. Once again, going for formulas that are appropriate for your skin, only choose oil-free if your skin is particularly oily.

One that I have used and worked with would be the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser. It gives a sheer coverage that will even-out redness and the general skin tone. It's best to use something like this combined with a concealer over the top if you're in need of coverage in certain areas. This will give you a natural look and won't sit in any fine lines.

When choosing a foundation, have them try it on you in store, the colour should blend into your skin perfectly. Check the areas that you feel most conscious of and see if it's sitting in the fine lines, if it does, you'll need to go for something either more lightweight or more hydrating.

Try not to use too many power products. You can use a little powder to set your makeup, but the overall finish should not be matte or dry looking.

Makeup and the change:

This is obviously something I can't talk about from experience, but I can talk about it as a makeup artist. I was eighteen the first time I worked with a woman who was going through the menopause and people seemed rather taboo about it, but as I knew it was a natural change, I wanted to know more about it and kind of needed to for work.

The change can throw your body into dismay, not only physically, but it can certainly bring on feelings of anxiety and low mood too. If your symptoms are light and you don't perspire around the face too much, then you may be better in selecting a lightweight oil-free, long wear formula. It's generally best to go with waterproof makeup during this time, so that makeup doesn't smudge -- like you normally would for your summer makeup routine when it's hot.

I have worked with a lady once who perspired so much that it was impossible to apply any foundation. Perspiration splits the foundation and is impossible to apply. In this case, it's probably best to let your skin breath for a while and carry some blotting papers with you. Try a powder foundation and see how you get on.

I hope these tips have helped and I would love to hear about the products you've found that work for you!

Charles XOX

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