Pre-wedding Shoot:

You're looking for an experienced Asian makeup artist in Paris for your pre-wedding photoshoot. With over one hundred clients per year with a large proportion of those from Asia, you can be assured that you'll be in experienced hands (fifteen years to be precise).



Leading up to the day of your shoot we would communicate your ideas and the overall style that you would like to achieve for your pre-wedding makeup in Paris. Feel free to send over your outfit ideas and we can plan more than one look together if you're doing a sunrise and a sunset photoshoot.




Time: 1hr45 for both hair & makeup at your hotel.


Choose the look that you would like to achieve for your pre-wedding photo shoot.

Check out some examples of my work:

What to know for your shoot:

I've written a blog post everything you might need to prepare for before and during your photoshoot, as well on tips and tricks of what to look out for in order to keep with the Paris way. Check it out below: