Ideas for your photoshoot or special occasion

in Paris.


Fresh & Clean Makeup

Inspired by the simplicity of the Danish style, I thought that this look just summed up my philosophy of beauty perfectly.

Nude & Natural

A simple and polished makeup look for your special occasion in Paris. Ideal if you're not used to wearing makeup and would like something that is enough to show up in photos, without feeling too far from your comfort zone.

Smoke & Smolder

For those who want to glam it up for an evening in Paris, or if you're a makeup lover and a smokey eye is your go to look for any occasion, then this could be a perfect idea for your special occasion makeup in Paris.

Bridal Beauty

I don't believe in cookie cutter beauty and that one look fits all occasions, so my style is really adaptable, but the majority of women want a look that's classic, effortless and glowy for their bridal makeup in Paris.

Parisienne Elegance

I love a red lip and it really is the go to look for most Parisienne women. There really is nothing more chic than a little black dress, a well blended eye makeup and a well defined red lip, this has to be one of my favourites!

Makeup & Eyewear

Many of us (including myself) have to wear glasses, and it's fashionable now! So if your frames are part of your style, then they should be coming along for the ride on your Paris shoot. Eye makeup should be well defined and stronger than usual to show through your glasses.

Bold Eyes & Lips

You can achieve bold lips and eyes whilst maintaining a natural effect at the same time. It's all about choosing the right colours that work well with your eye colour, skin tone and hair colour to bring out the best in your features.

Richer Skin Tones

I love doing makeup on richer skin tones. Most women with richer skin tones have different tones in their skin which enables you to experiment with different shades of foundation in order to give you that glow.